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Add ads to Discord!

It's time to monetize.

Hi, Discord. I'm a user of your service. You know what would be great? Advertisements.

I know you're struggling with coming up with a way to monetize. A Discord store? Really?

You see, I'm struggling with making my friends realise that your service is, in a sense, not good. For example, the Discord client, the Electron app that it is, consumes about 5% of CPU while idle and about a gigabyte of RAM, and yet anyone who writes or uses a custom client built to solve this problem breaches your Terms of Service.

It would be really nice for everyone I know to switch to something libre and equally as usable, like Riot over Matrix, but there's nothing in Discord to make them want to jump off.

I had a think, and I know exactly what to do: We need to put advertisements in Discord. The most annoying ones possible. With an audience of your size, and exclusive, high-cost advertisement deals, you could easily rake back in the two-hundred and eighty million dollars in VC funding from Pepsi® money alone, right before all your users jump ship.

You don't lose any money, and I get to use the command line to talk to my friends! It's a win-win!

†: Okay, yes, Riot's resource consumption is pretty similar to Discord, since they're built on the same tech, but the Gamers™ are fine with how Discord's functioning right now, right?