Hi. I’m Anthony. I’m nineteen, and I write software. When I’m bored, I reverse engineer games and write cheats. Currently, the project that takes up the majority of my time is a Java bytecode obfuscator, so I have become extremely familiar with JVM bytecode.

Around the web, you can find me at GitHub, Keybase, and Mastodon.


Sometimes, I like to work on projects. Here are a few, but you can always check my GitHub for other things I release.

  • Paramorphism – A JVM bytecode obfuscator targeting Java and Kotlin.
  • Koffee – A programmable JVM bytecode assembler with macros-for-free via Kotlin.
  • Wonseok – A modification for Minecraft to allow Korean text entry in its GUI.
  • Type! – A minimalist, multilingual typing test website.
  • side – A static-site generator written using deno.
  • opinionated-wg – An easy, near-zero-configuration deployment of a VPN tunnel using WireGuard.


I also like to learn natural languages.

  • English is my native language and the one I use the most.
  • French is a language that I spoke while growing up, since both my parents are francophones.
  • I took five years of Spanish at school and consider myself conversationally adept.
  • I have been teaching myself Korean since mid-2016, and can hold a conversation entirely in Korean with online friends.
  • Because of French and Spanish, I find it pretty simple to read and comprehend Italian, Romanian, and Portuguese due to their similarities.
  • I know the Cyrillic alphabet, but my Russian vocabulary is lacking - I can speak enough to barely communicate with teammates in online videogames.